Foundation Repair

Crack Repairs If your foundation is cracking, Absolute Waterproofing Solutions will come to your home and give you options on what would be best for your foundation’s needs. Installing our Dura Shield system is simple, meaning our crew will be able to get your job done quickly. Our Dura Shield panels will make it so the crack is not visible, and not able to leak water into your home. Our crack repairs also come with a lifetime transferable warranty. Plastered Stone Foundation If your home has a stone foundation that is falling apart or has loose stones, Absolute Waterproofing Solutions will come into your home and make your foundation solid again. Our concrete-mortar mix will keep your foundation stabilized and held together.

Foundation Stabilization

Steel I-Beams   If your foundation walls are bowing or leaning, our Steel I-beams may be the right choice to stabilize your home’s foundation. Our I-beam system will stop your walls from bowing caused by the pressure from the soil surrounding your foundation. Installing our Steel I-beam system is different for every home because of our foot pads and top bracing, this means our system is custom ordered to fit your home’s needs. Our Steel I-beam system comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty. Earth Contact Plates (ECPs) One solution we offer for your homes bowing or leaning walls are our Earth Contact Plates (ECPs). When we are installing the ECPs, installation can be completed within one day with limited disturbance to your landscaping and yard. Our anchors may also be the right choice for your home as your walls can start straightening your walls as soon as they are installed (with excavation) or overtime (without excavation). “There are 3 common ways to save bowing foundation walls. Contractors install wall anchors (ECPs) on approximate 5′ centers. These stop further movement and with proper tension will eliminate some, if not all, of the bowing over time. Another acceptable, but more expensive method, is to replace the affected walls.” – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Straps Our carbon fiber reinforcement straps may be the right choice for your foundations cracked or bowing walls because it offers a one-time, non-evasive solution, and this product comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This method also comes with no mess, no maintenance, and can be painted over to match your foundation walls. Regardless of if you have block or poured concrete foundation walls, this product will work with both. These carbon fiber reinforcement straps apply directly to your foundation walls, causing it to counteract the outside pressure of the bowing wall to stabilize the foundation. Our straps can resist up to 10 times normal pressure, making the walls stronger to eliminate any shifting, expanding, cracking or bowing. 
Floor Lift & Stabilization If your home is experiencing sagging floors, Absolute Waterproofing has a solution for you. Our engineered system provides support to sagging floor joists, strengthens crawlspace beams and assists in leveling the floor. Our jack posts are stronger and have a higher weight capacity than jack posts found in local stores. Being galvanized steel tubes with zinc coated components, these posts are protected against corrosion. This solution can be easily installed in tight conditions, are fully adjustable and can be properly fastened to the beam above and the concrete footing below.

Foundation Rebuild

Ledge Walls If your crawlspace or basement foundation walls are crumbling, Absolute Waterproofing Solutions can come into your home and build a ledge wall. The ledge wall would be built in front of your existing foundation wall, not only stopping any inward movement and water from coming in, but also providing structure and stabilization as well. Basement & Crawlspace Foundation Replaced Do you have a basement or crawlspace foundation that is cracked or bowed beyond repair? If so, Absolute Waterproofing Solutions can come into your home and rebuild the foundation. Whether it be one wall that needs to be replaced or all walls, our company can warranty the newly built foundation for 20 years.

Basement Waterproofing

Water Solution Absolute Waterproofing’s water solution system is designed to integrate the reliable baseboard style system with the tried-and-true subfloor tile system. Our water solution system sits on top of the footer, above the dirt line, which can plug a traditional drain tile system. Water solution’s open back will not restrict water flow, instead water is collected for the full length of the system. Sump Pumps & Battery Backups                                                Our sump pumps have automotive-grade epoxy seals circuit board and all electronics from dust and water. This system automatically monitors and maintains battery life. Our 3/4 horsepower stainless steel primary pump features a 5-year warranty, along with our backup pump.

Interior Waterproofing

Drain-Eze Our Drain-Eze system collects water seepage from the walls and footer, along with any seepage through faults in the foundation. The water is then channeled directly into our drain tubing. Our drain tubing system is an ideal remedy to all your water management needs. This unique and innovative design collects water from two primary sources that are responsible for your basement water leakage. This drain tubing system collects water from beneath the concrete slab and quietly drains the water through its main sections to the sump pump. Our drain tubing channel flows clean and clog-free year after year. Sump basins are installed for drain tubing to disperse water from your home. Water X-Tract Our Water X-Tract system relieves water pressure without jackhammers trenching through your basement floor. Hollow baseboards adhere to the floor along the wall acting as a barrier. The system collects water from the weep holes tapped into the blocks where the floor and walls meet. The water travels along the hollow baseboards to the sump pump leaving your basement clean and dry. Water X-tract is ideal for poured or block wall foundations. This system is ideal for monolithic footings, or when basement floors are placed less than 4 inches above footings.


Crawlspace Encapsulation

Aqua Shield Damp crawlspaces can cause structural damage to walls, floorboards, ceilings, and floor coverings. Crawlspace encapsulation can dramatically increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Absolute Waterproofing’s 90-mil Aqua Shield is a multi ply nylon weave polymer laminate designed to prevent odor, gas, and mold for affecting you and your family.

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