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Absolute Waterproofing Solutions provides all of our basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair, and mold preventative services in the following areas.

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What Can I Do About Fixing a Crack in My Foundation?

Absolute Waterproofing Solutions offers affordable foundation repair services in Michigan. Our expert foundation repair contractors understand the importance of fixing cracks in foundations because they can be openings for water seepage. Water seepage can cause you to have a leaky, wet basement. We are a basement waterproofing company that knows that fixing cracked foundations must be completed prior to installing a basement waterproofing system. If you have noticed any of the following, then you should contact us for foundation repair help in Michigan right away.

  • There is no crawl space that we cannot encapsulate.
  • There is no cracked foundation we cannot repair.

With over 40 years of experience and knowledge we have the know how to get the job done right, and right on time.

Please call us for more information, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

What is the Timeframe for Waterproofing System Installation?

The actual time it takes to properly install a basement waterproofing system in Michigan greatly depends on the condition of your basement floor and lower wall areas. Understandably, each basement is different and requires a specific waterproofing solution. The size of your wet basement is also a factor that determines how long it will take to install your waterproofing system. At the time of your free waterproofing estimate, our expert waterproofing employees will give you a time frame for the completion of the project. Many of our waterproofing systems for leaky basements can be installed in one to two days.

Am I Able to Waterproof an Older Home?

Absolute Waterproofing Solutions offers basement waterproofing systems which are able to be installed in any home, regardless of its age. Basement waterproofing helps to eliminate the possibility for mold, mildew, and bacterial growth in your basement. Eliminate these potential threats and you will have a much safer and healthier living environment for your family. Also, a basement waterproofing solution from Absolute will help to protect your basement walls and floors from experiencing any deterioration problems due to a build up of moisture.

What is the Most Effective Waterproofing Approach?

Effective waterproofing involves eliminating any chance for water to enter your home. We believe that there isn’t just one perfect basement waterproofing solution to get rid of wet basements in Michigan once and for all. We understand that every home is different; every basement is different. Your basement’s unique needs and specifications require a certain waterproofing system. When you contact us for a free basement waterproofing estimate, one of our expert basement waterproofing contractors will come to your residence and evaluate your home to figure out what system would work best. We offer three types of basement waterproofing systems, which are Drain-Eze, Water Solution, and Water X-Tract.

Does Waterproofing Paint Really Work?

Waterproofing paint was specially designed to seal walls to help with the prevention of moisture entering and creating a damp basement. Moisture entering a basement is not the same as water seepage. There may be certain waterproofing paints that will stop the water from entering for a short period of time, but it is still attempting to push itself into your basement. After a short time, it will overcome the paint and you will be left with a wet, leaky basement once again. You need to have a proper basement waterproofing system in place to effectively remove water from your basement once and for all. So, the waterproofing paint works in some sealing situations, but shouldn’t act as a solution to water seepage.

What Are Some Causes of Leaky Basements?

Water is able to get into your basement through tiny cracks that may exist in your basement walls and basement floor. It can also enter through loose mortar joints, the area where your walls meet the basement floor (cove), your window wells, cracks in your foundation, and in many other areas. When your home is built, there is space between the structure of your basement and the soil surrounding it. Over time, this space becomes weak and precipitation seeps downward into the ground and into your basement. Unfortunately, many serious structural problems allowing water to enter can’t be noticed until it’s too late and you have a wet basement on your hands. To remedy this, you need to have the waterproofing solution experts at Absolute Waterproofing Solutions help you. We can fix foundation repair issues and structural damage before installing the proper waterproofing system for your home.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation systems are designed to prevent moisture from entering and building up underneath your home. Moisture build-up in a crawl space can lead to structural damage and the growth of mold and bacteria. We use the Vapor Bright vapor barrier system to encapsulate your crawl space. It prevents any moisture from entering, as well as any unwanted pests. At the time of your crawl space encapsulation, we also install a thermal wrap product to trap heat in your crawlspace. The heat rises and warms your home. It’s very energy efficient and will help with your electrical costs each month. If you have a wet, moldy crawl space in Michigan, you should contact us for a free crawl space encapsulation estimate.

How Does Water Enter a Home?

Water is able to get into your home, typically, as a result of either groundwater leakage or surface water leakage. It’s also able to easily enter though any cracks in your foundation or along mortar joints. Water is also able to wick up through basement walls and basement floors. It’s very important to have cracks in the foundation of your home fixed to avoid any further water damage to your basement. If you have a wet and leaky basement, then you should contact us right away for basement waterproofing and foundation repair services in Michigan.
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